Passing clouds~

My cell phone is full of sky pictures! This week’s best was on Monday 19th March! Awaiting spring~


Shades of Red

I have a sudden fetish for anklets 😬 I have moved on from my last year’s  – bracelets, I did end up buying a lot of them~

How neat when nature matches colors with you 😍  Living in northern ‘snowy’ states for last 9 years, makes me have a lot of appreciation for change in seasons.  Blooming flowers and clear blue skies really make me happy.  Today is a rainy day in Detroit and I await for the red star ‘Sun’ to peep out, while sipping hot chocolate 🙂

Reviving art within~ 

My first~ 

This was the first impressive one I made it on post-it note at work! 

I published this today hoping the Magical fingers do new tricks.  I can’t get myself to make new exciting sketches 😐 

Hopefully soon though~ 


Articulate storm

Read this somewhere: inside her lay the storm, know to all unknown to the One 

Storm of anger or storm of love!?!?

I am impressed with myself, I love the depth and expression in the eyes! Again original is from internet 

2016 Concludes


Great 2016, almost wrapping up the year.  Packing to travel to India for a month as I have been every year, since in Detroit.  Amazing run, places, people, food, spirit, music, and moments~ It brought me back to me.  The most worthy-of-mention achievement: I shed all (almost) pounds I put on after I came US!  I have learnt to ‘eat a lot without overeating’ and I learnt running.

Someone once told me – Pursue, Be Humble, Categorize thoughts, Move on

I did pursue, I tried to be humble, I have learnt a lot to move on, categorizing thoughts is hard – but that is mainly because I am a girl and girl-brain is, as you might very well know, is complicated~

I made sweet of cracked wheat for Diwali, which happened to be on my mom’s birthday this year 🙂  Carrying all the good from 2016 and some extra light and zeal and energy to 2017~

Its a beautiful sunny morning but First snow (or snow storm) awaits just at the time my flight will take off 🙂 Bon Voyage~